Math Woman says: Big data is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Math Woman

The Real Math Woman

Math Woman first burst upon the Super Scene in 2010, quickly earning a reputation as a no-nonsense friend of the common people. While phenomenally successful as a crime fighter, Math Woman realized that there was overwhelming power in numbers. With the help of a few friends, Math Woman founded the Math Avengers and co-founded the League of SuperDudes with world-class SuperDude, Captain Ned.

Some of Math Woman’s closest allies:

Math Woman has dedicated herself to stopping the abuse of the innumerate through education and harsh punishment of the abusers. It is hard to overestimate the impact that Math Woman has had in making math cool for millions of young people across the globe.

The main target of her wrath: people who manipulate numbers to try to deceive others into supporting all forms of nonsense based public policy. Education policy has seen some of the most egregious manipulations. “It is ironic,” our hero noted “that ‘reformers’ manipulate the public into believing many of their talking points. If education actually improved, they’d be driven out of town. The only thing that people profiting from misguided education policy actually want to improve is their own financial status.”

An urgent message from MathWoman!

We recently intercepted this warning from Wicked Witch. We believed that she was trapped in a bubble cage at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Instead, it appears that the Axis of Evil has been freeing our arch-enemies in preparation for a massive attack.